Alicia Bailey

Candidate for Female Youth Represenative

#AB4FYR #BCAFN #Youth #Female 

I'm currently running for the Female Youth Rep for the BCAFN.

The BCAFN is a ‚ÄúProvincial Territorial Organization‚ÄĚ of the AFN, representing First Nations in British Columbia, including but not limited to First Nations currently engaged in the treaty process, those who have signed modern treaties, and those who fall under historic treaty agreements such as the Douglas Treaties and Treaty 8.

The Female Youth Representative has a duty to the Society to advance the purposes of BCAFN and uphold the Constitution, Bylaws, and BCAFN Policy Manuals at the regional or national level during her time participating in any regional or national body, as the case may be.

I'm so grateful for the support that I have from friends and family. I'm excited for the next few weeks of campaigning and talking to all of the First Nations in British Columbia.